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In 2015 I started my first online business. Now, I make more part-time than I do full-time. Let me teach you how below:

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About Josh

scale a dollarHey! I am Josh – a former Athletic Director & Coach who decided working 60 hours a week until 2049 wasn’t too glamorous. In 2015 I started my first company & in 2017 I started my first blog.

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Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

Scale a Dollar is not a brand, it is not a gimmick, it is a mindset. You must learn to Scale (grow) every dollar you have. And no, I am not talking about investing $500 a month...

I am talking about creating cash flow through ownership the right way - Digital Companies that allow you to SCALE!

I started my first legitimate company in 2015 (prior side hustles didn't count) and my first blog in 2017... and I sucked at building both for a very long time.

However, through failure, tons of wasted time & money I was able to sell my blog in 2021.

In four years I went from knowing ZERO about websites, online companies, blogging, and scaling companies.

I can teach you how to get your start and I get it - every person on the internet wants to teach you how to make money and they have the secret formula to help you do just that.

Unfortunately, that sounds too good to be true and it's because it is.

Don't worry, we won't do that here. My goal is for you to learn how to start, grow, and build an online business from scratch.

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